How to Organize A Kid’s Closet

A tidy, well designed closet for your little child will save your life anytime you have to dress him/her. Just think with a few fairy touch, how easy it will be to win the dress-up battle in the mornings! Beacuse you exactly will know where the socks, t-shirts and shoes are.

Make it Accessible 

To make it easier to dress-up your little child in the mornings or whenever needed without too many funny ideas, make sure you organize everything as accessible. You can label the days of the week on different clothing bags, so your child can dress herself/himself in the mornings with no problem. Drawer inserts, seperators and some useful boxes  are also great tools to keep everything apart and well-organized in the closet.

Design Usefully for Your Kids

Keep in my that the children has smaller heights, so make the hangers, inserts and boxes reachable for them not for yourself. Everything should be completely accessible just for the kids. Shoes must be down, the boxes should be in the middle and the hangers just above, easy to reach for them. This way, the children can manage to get dressed by themselves easily whenever needed.

Make a Small Closet 

There are a few tricks to maximize free space in a small closet. You can make pull-out shoe shelves that are more compact than a shoe rack. Choose less outfits, as the children grow up very quickly. Buy only things needed and some supporting outfits so that the children can choose what to wear easily and quickly.

No Cluster Please

Keep the clothes usually on hangers as you and your child can easily see them. Do not put them on each other as they can easily get clustered when your child pulls out a t-shirt or a sweater.