CBME Turkey Supports Sustainability

Sustainable business for Informa Markets is not only about respecting the green, but showing long-term responsible management and maintaining today's profitability and ensuring success for tomorrow. Our approach covers all the following important issues

People and Culture - How do we hire, motivate and support our employees?
Responsible Business - How do we manage our environmental impact?
Communities - How do we support the communities we work with?
Managing Informa Markets - How do we ensure good management and manage risks? (details can be found in the Corporate Governance Statement included in our annual report.)

How is CBME Turkey Sustainable?

We know sustainability is increasingly important to our attendees and exhibitors, as well as to our market as a whole. Running CBME Turkey gives us lots of opportunities to improve our impacts socially, environmentally and economically in our host city. We want to make our event more responsible and play a role in helping our markets improve their own sustainability through connecting people with the networks and knowledge they want to help solve the big challenges in our sector.

Inspiring Sustainable Development 


CBME Turkey supports innovative activities that increase the added value of baby and children products industry production.  CBME Turkey organizes and hosts WGSN Trend Seminar to encourage innovative professionals and companies that carry out trend activities.

Running an Environmentally Responsible Event 


Decreasing the number of printed materials, recycle the badges and the exhibition carpets, save electricity by using LED technology.

Running a Social Responsible Event 


CBME Turkey supports The Hope Foundation For Children With Cancer (KACUV)  and  contributes to the raise awareness on that nonprofit organisation that focuses on young cancer patients and their families within their organisation.

Our Efforts Recognised: CBME Turkey is Powered by Renewable Energy

As a part of our continued commitment to the sustainability of our event, 100% of the electricity used within the venue is generated from a renewable origin. This results in our electricity use being carbon neutral, minimising the creation of CO2, and therefore significantly reducing our carbon impact.