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Publish Date: 1 March 2023

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Summer 2023 Kids Fashion Trends and Colors  

It is obvious that in this season the 2023 baby and kids trends, the exhaustion of the pandemic on our world and people will be replaced by the desire to take action and the power to build a better one. In the past years, all sectors have witnessed the pain of people's efforts to use technology for the right purpose. But today's reality; includes planning for the future. In this direction, the spring-summer clothing color trends in 2023 kids' fashion are offering great importance for the sectors. So, what will be the trend colors in 2023 summer kids' fashion clothes? In this article, we will be examining them completely.

Favorite Color of Spring and Summer Trends "Digital Lavender"

Trend forecasters at WGSN and colorists at Coloro believe Digital Lavender, also known as Coloro: 134-67-16, will be the color of the year 2023. Although experts have come together to make a choice that defines the spirit of the times, forecasters note that Digital Lavender already has an online presence that will gradually manifest in the real world as the line between virtual and terrestrial spaces continues to blur. 

In recent months other forecasters have made predictions that draw on current trends as a point to a growing interest in calm hues in colors.

In this sense, color reflects not only what we fight for in our lives, but also how we live in a time where you can socialize through video games and buy digital furniture using cryptocurrencies.

Coloro head of content, Joanne Thomas, told Cosmetics Business, "As consumers find solace and comfort in the virtual space, the impact of video games and virtual realities will cover everything, breaking the boundaries between our online and offline presence."

Digital Lavender, the color of the year 2023, stands for the stability, serenity, and digital escape that many of us place in our healing rituals to both protect and heal our mental health in challenging times.

How Will 2023 Spring - Summer Baby and Kids Fashion Be Affected by Colors?

Hundreds of special graphics dedicated to the baby and child industry, and vector illustration will welcome us in this process, where the value given by brands to design and innovation has increased. 2023 spring - summer new trends will be among the kids and baby clothing trends with their inspirational mood vectors. We will see the graphics that will examine toys to kids' furniture, baby carriages to childcare equipment, and children's room decorative items to baby care items in many sectors throughout the term.

As well as the key color Digital Lavender, which represents health and digital escapism, colors with shorter wavelengths that evoke calmness and serenity, such as Digital Lavender, will also be in trend in baby and kids trend products using mood vectors. Tranquil Blue, known as Coloro: 114-57-24, is a medium color tone connected to sustainable values ​​and has a clarity that evokes the elements of air and water will be one of the colors we will encounter most in child and baby trends.

You can see these and more of the 23 summer kids' fashion trends at Istanbul Expo Center between 7-10 December 2022. At the 41st International Istanbul Children's Baby Maternity Industry Fair - CBME Turkiye, you can closely follow the current developments in the children's textile and fashion products sector and have the opportunity to expand your business. 

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2023 Kids’ Fashion Trends 

Many colours that shape the kid's fashion, reflect the energy of children in the most optimal way. 2023 kids' fashion trends are one of the most attractive fields for the textile industry. How do the kid's trends shape up for 2023? Which products will be the most remarkable children's textile products of the year?


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