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How Should Your Sales Strategies Be After Covid-19?

Especially, retailers and shopkeepers are curious about how sales strategies should be in the new normal period that started after the pandemic. In order to inform you about this issue, we will offer suggestions that will shape your sales strategies, enable you to market your products effectively, and share new sales trends.

With the coronavirus period, the mother, baby, and children’s products industry also changed. With this change, both the in-store experience, product preferences, and, buying habits of consumers and decision-makers have become different. We recommend you to take a look at the strategies we have compiled to adapt to these differentiating behaviors.

The effect of the physical and social distance field has changed not only people's habits but also their mental structures. For this reason, you should consider these changes in the products you will offer. For example, it seems that during the pandemic period, adaptable children's clothing products are preferred more. When it comes to adaptable designs, the first products that come to mind are; items that can be attached or removed from accessories such as hats, pockets, can be used as a long or short sleeve through a button or zipper and can be made thick or thin by putting on and off the vest. The most preferred reason for these products is their ability to adapt to different conditions and suitability for long-term use. If you can adapt your products, produce them in an innovative and functional way and market them, you can get an advantage in the new term marketing as well.

Suggestions for Stores

In the first place, it is very important to make your store comply with social distance rules, put disinfectant stations at necessary points, tell your employees that they should be masked, make them adjust to these hygiene rules, and provide training on details. Because nowadays being reliable and clean comes first. You can then develop new strategies to attract your target audience. For example, you can create special marketing days by offering treats, discounts, gifts for your organization, anniversary, or any kind of oxidation. During these dates, the circulation of your store will be higher. Of course, you should announce these days to your target audience through marketing activities and digital channels. One of the most effective ways to do this is e-mail marketing. Prepare an e-mail list of your customers and regularly inform them about brand announcements and important dates.

Another way to attract consumers to your store is to attract their attention to different sensory details. For this, you can use eye-catching lighting, projections, mappings, led screens that give them messages or prepare specific designs. All these adjustments will increase awareness of your brand and provide customers to keep it in their minds. Also, if you can create a sales alternative with touch screens in the store, this makes you even more special in the pandemic process. Another important note for physical sales is to use the open-air areas as much as possible. For example, if there is an area where you can sell outdoors in front of or around your store or outdoor activities where you can participate with your products, make sure you evaluate it. This will make your consumers more comfortable while examining your products.

Suggestions for Social Marketing

Since sensitivity and the desire to act together are trending these days, you can use it to turn into an advantage. How so? With the idea of power comes from unity, you can contact with other brands and organizations that you are connected and create joint projects or social responsibility campaigns with them... Including your connections by choosing the one that is suitable for your brand identity from sustained issues such as sustainability, helping animals, a cleaner world, women's rights, it will both create sympathy for your brand and add value to your marketing and sales activities.

 You may stay away from your customer portfolio as the marketing and sales activities in many sectors have stalled during the pandemic process. Remember, tight ties always win. Although communication through e-mail provides considerable awareness, one-to-one communication has more benefits. For this reason, we suggest you call your customers whom you have not heard or communicated for a long time in this process and ask after them.

Suggestions for Digital Marketing

Another strategy that will affect your sales is advertisement planning. Many brands pursue a strategy of retreating to a safer area by reducing advertising budgets in such cases. So who comes to the fore in the industry? Of course, those who continue to market their products by synchronizing their advertising activities to the agenda and trends. For this reason, it would be wise to increase your marketing activities, especially these days while everyone is using the internet and social media.

 If you are using online sales channels, you should organize product promotion details such as text and images on your site according to the trends that started with the pandemic process and you should consider the changing customer experience habits. We also recommend using online support integrations or chat robots to enable users who visit your site to quickly solve their problems and find the products they are looking for. In this way, you can both increase customer satisfaction and save time.

If you consider these suggestions, you can better manage the process. By attending CBME Turkey,the leading exhibition of the sector, which will be held on 13-16 January 2021 at the İstanbul Expo Center, you can not only meet target visitors from different regions but also present your products in an atmosphere in which every sense of export, capacity and the quality of power is represented. To take advantage of this huge market potential, you can reserve your stand here.

Published day: 22/07/2020

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