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Publish Date: 27 July 2022

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Baby Gear Trends

Today, companies that produce baby gear offer almost the same safety standards, so brands stand out with features such as design, safety and sustainability. Seasonal colours, high-quality materials and stylish designs are important trends that draw attention within the sector. Baby gears produced with a focus on calming tones, comfortable structures and sustainable approaches are the prominent models in the industry. Brands presenting the trends of the baby gear industry pay particular attention to the following important points.

Baby Gear Trends

1. Sustainable Approach 

Companies are now realizing that they need to use materials and resources consciously to appeal to sustainability-minded parents. Assessing existing collections and bringing renewable, circular and environmentally friendly products to the market are gaining importance among brands. For example; The Greentom stroller brand adopts a circular design method using recycled plastic and pet bottles, while Bumbleride's strollers and car seats use Oeko-Tex Standard materials and non-toxic waterproof material. Thus; non-toxic, sustainable stroller options, environmentally friendly production methods and high-quality materials are becoming indispensable in the industry.

2. Comfortable Touch

Cosy items designed to make the transition from mother's womb to real-life a more comfortable experience are also among the trends of the sector. Velvet, faux fur and twill fabrics, which are inspired by comfortable clothes, add a nice touch to baby items with their soft textures. For this reason, companies provide a comfortable touch to designs such as baby sleeping bags, baby kangaroo models and changing covers, as well as creating an ideal feeling of security and protection.

3. Refined Wood 

Wood, which is currently a basic material in baby products, is among the prominent trends in the sector with its timeless fashion, versatility and warm simplicity. Firms offer a less but better approach to their designs with clean lines, smooth surfaces and natural finishes. Fabrics such as fine tulle and pale linen are used to emphasize this clean feeling.

4. Impressive Metals 

Tinted metallics continue to guarantee stylish looks with warm tones that add a premium feel to everyday baby gadgets.

Brands are featuring metallic finishes to add a touch of excitement to ergonomic baby gears such as strollers, car seats and high chairs. For example, the satin silver-champagne anodized finish of Nuna's reclining cradle, which gives a delicate and soft appearance to the functional structure, symbolizes that the brand has now considered a more impressive approach. 

4. Wicker and Rattan 

Natural fibres are being used in increasingly widespread applications with enduring tactility for crafted cosiness. That's why brands include rattan, wicker and bamboo in their collections, creating a reassuring, handmade appearance that offers craftsmanship and traditional techniques.

6. Calming Neutrals 

Fresh white and neutral colours offer a respite compared to more dominant colours. These colours are preferred by leading companies in the industry for their versatile and all-gender appeal. These cosy tones bring calmness, light and serenity to hard products and nurseries. For example, Beaba's pure white air purifier offers freshness, while Lillebaby's organic cotton and natural hemp baby carrier provide a comfortable and eco-friendly solution.


7. Soothing Pinks 

Fresh pastel tones and warm neutrals and soft pink tones that create industrial forms have a strong place in the baby products sector. The various shades of pink provide a clean and calming look, allowing the product to draw the focus. For example, Elvie's breast pump provides a warmer effect, while Be Cool's car seat reveals muddier nuances of pink. In addition, companies revitalize their designs by choosing breathable patterns or quilted details.

8. Pleasant Warmth 

Clay, terracotta and sunset tones, which are examples of natural and organic pigments, inspire companies to create designs that offer comfort, as highlighted in the home-woven fabric prediction of the season. For example, Nobodinoz's cradle combines a warm spice colour with wood, offering an organic and pleasant feeling. In addition, companies prefer extra soft and warm fabrics such as linen, natural cotton and hemp while producing slings and quilted highchairs. 

9. Layered Greens 

The importance of different shades of green in the baby sector is also increasing. Brands offer a sense of harmony and serenity in their baby gear that integrates with nature. For example, the Hazel stroller has a darker shade of green to blend in with the outdoors, while Bbhugme's pillow offers a soft green tint to provide a homely appeal.

You can see these trends and more at İstanbul Expo Center between 7-10 December 2022. At the 40th International İstanbul Children Baby Maternity Industry Expo- CBME Türkiye, you can closely follow the current developments in the children's textile and fashion products sector. And have the opportunity to expand your sphere of influence thanks to exhibition communication. You can pre-register for the exhibition now.

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