Billion Dollars Baby Kids Products Sector Started the New
Season with Exports Thanks to CBME Turkey

The international meeting of the 0-16 age baby and children products industry, CBME Turkey - 39th International İstanbul Children Baby Maternity  Expo was held at İstanbul Expo Center between 8-11 December 2021. At the fair, the most innovative products along with Spring-Summer 2022  season children's fashion collections and designs of 650 exhibiting brands were showcased to professional buyers from 107 target countries, mainly Russia, Libya, Algeria, Iraq, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Stating that they brought the industry together for the 39th time under the same roof for trade and export, CBME Turkey – International İstanbul Children Baby Maternity Expo Director Hatice Dinçer said, “We had a very successful fair. Our exhibitors and visitors had the opportunity to meet new customers and make profitable export deals while improving their relations with their existing clients. This year, 15,041 high-calibre commercial buyers from 107 different countries, mainly from the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe and CIS regions discovered product groups of hardware, baby care, furniture, home textiles showcased by exhibiting brands from Turkey, Poland, Portugal and Russia for 4 days. We brought together the high-quality "ready wear and accessory" textile brands and their Spring-Summer 2021 collection launches before they went to the showcases.

Our 650 exhibitor brands introduced the most trendy products and collections for 0-16-year-old children's fashion, as well as more than 35,000 models they prepared in different styles and designs, to our visitors. International industry professionals who came to CBME Turkey were from 107 target countries. In addition, our Buyer Delegation Program, in which 200 important professional buyers from 16 countries were hosted at CBME Turkey for the first time, attracted great attention and made the exhibiting companies happy.

We are the largest and longest-running international baby and children's products fair in the region, which has been going on steadily for more than 30 years. We stand out with the number of international visitors, purchasing volumes, and the product quality and variety of our exhibitor brands among other related sector exhibitions. This year, we continued the same success by putting it on top of it. The most visitor was from Russia, Libya, Algeria, Iraq, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Thanks to the positive atmosphere created by the date change, we observed an increase of 28% in the number of visitors, especially from the Russia-CIS regions, compared to our 2020 fair. From the North American countries, which are among the export target regions of this season, there was a 107% increase in the number of buyers visiting the fair compared to 2020.

Another important indicator of the embracement of the date change by the industry is that the results of the satisfaction surveys conducted by an independent research agency have risen compared to our 2020 exhibition on both the visitor and exhibitor sides, reaching a record level. In addition, before the last day of the fair, many of our exhibitors took their orders for the season collections and completed the product sales.” said.


Dinçer stated that CBME Turkey, the only fair in the sector that received the support of the Ministry of Commerce, has now started to be organized in the first half of December as of this year, thus offering the sector the opportunity to better preparation time for the new season. In this context, WGSN, which sets the trends around the world and is our seminar and content partner for many years, gave a seminar on Autumn-Winter 22/23 Kids Fashion in CBME Turkey. Representatives of important local and foreign companies were among the very crowded audience of 217 attendees. In addition to our seminar, which attracted great interest from our exhibitors and visitors, our companies also provided a colourful and full fair experience with the mini fashion shows, concerts and dance performances they organized. Next year CBME Turkey will be held on 7-10 December 2022. We are already very excited to open our doors to visitors for the 40th time.” said.


CBME Turkey – At the 39th International Istanbul Baby Maternity Expo, 'Carriages & Safety Products, Feeding & Care Products', 'Newborn and Baby Fashion', 'Children and Teenage Fashion', 'Evening-Ceremony Fashion', Socks, Underwear, Nightwear Fashion' and 'Furniture and Home Textile', products were exhibited in 7 different categories, and the product variety received full marks from local and foreign visitors.


Among the wide range of products group, there were also the mother-baby-friendly innovative products developed by exhibitor brands. Bottles and pacifiers that will make mothers' life easier while feeding their babies at night by glowing in the dark, sustainable environmental products coloured with completely composted vegetables and fruits, a crib with a playpen that can be folded when desired, a cute door stopper and a seat belt play mat that will keep babies safe, a breastfeeding pillow that can also be used in daily life. Innovative products such as specially designed breastfeeding t-shirts that provide ease of breastfeeding for mothers anytime, anywhere, a sleeping hammock that gives the baby the feeling of a mother's womb, and the mother care bag, which is the biggest assistant of mothers with its stylish and waterproof feature, attracted attention.

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Published Date: 05 January 2022 

The Children Baby Maternity Industry will Rush into Export With CBME Turkey

In her statement following the announcement by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade regarding the commencement of on-site exhibitions as of September 1st, the Event Director of CBME Turkey & İstanbul Kids Fashion, Hatiçe Dinçer said “We have taken the safety and hygiene measures to the maximum at CBME Turkey." 

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