Healthy Shoes for Healthy Kids’ Feet

Kids Shoe


If you want your child to have healthy feet when he/she puts their first steps, you have to choose healthy shoes suitable for their little feet. Everything you do will be the investment for the future. If your child isn’t walking yet, then stop looking for shoes, that means it is early for them. If she/he has just started walking, shoes can prevent injuries and help them step stronger. That means you can look for the right shoe pair.

Shoes have to support a child’s developing foot muscles, legs and bone structure to help prevent future problems with walking. Your child’s feet will develop naturally and will almost never require any special footwear. Let them walk as much as they want.

Your child’s feet will change quickly as he grows. A toddler’s feet grow an average of one-half a size every 3 months. Once your child is 3 years old, his feet will grow by about 1 size every year. You have to check the size of the shoe often as the little feet grow very quick.

How to Choose the Right Kind of Shoes for Children

Shoes have become softer, wider, lighter and more comfortable. Your child’s shoes should:

• Protect their little feet.

• Support for smooth surfaces.

• Ensure comfortable walking on different types of surfaces (e.g., pavement, gravel and sand).

• Be natural and made with quality material.

• Fit snugly at the heel to stop the little feet from moving forward while walking.

• Allow space for the toes.

• Have a 5 mm space between the edge of the shoe and all toes.

• Your child should always try on shoes before you buy them. Let them walk with the shoes and ask for experts to see if everything is all right,

• Prefer to buy from brands with a known name.

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