Children Trend Direction Fall-Winter 2019-2020



Children Trend Direction Fall-Winter 2019-2020

Colors, fabrics, designs and more…

This fall and the following winter, children trend direction will go back to 90’s stages of colors and joy. Colors will pop up, fabrics will be playful, and the outfits will act in 90’s cultural pop style and manner. Be ready for color splash and freedom!

Nostalgic 90’s is very close for children fashion trends in fall-winter 2019-2020 season. Unconventionally styled up dramatic touches will bring unexpected details and shiny silhouettes. That is resect to 90’s as well. Neat, exact silhouettes with striking colors, live graphic drawings and splashing colors will be vibrant than ever.

The Colors

For the girls’ trends, fall and winter colors will really change this year. Domestic pastel colors will no more be on board, but the colorful clean straight colors and mis-matches are on the way. The girls’ trends have pink tones that can be mixed up with neutral neat colors like blue, red, yellow and green. The most playful color like orange will be very less, because it is not a neat color, it is a result of a mixture. So be sure to choose neat exact colors.

For the boys’ trends, the blue and red is more seen on the blocks. The matching colors are not too much but the patterns are smart choices. The outerwear is also important for the boy’s garments, as they really must match the combinations of the inner style.

Besides the textile trends, the furniture and home textile with trendy accessories also have a concrete change with the children’s trend direction for fall-winter 2019-2020. Despite the cold and rainy weather’s moody swings, this year we all will have a playful spirit inside the children’s’ rooms and surroundings. Decoration will be pop culture trendy and of course livelier than ever.

The Fabrics

Fabrics are always the key point in children’s trend direction. What they wear on their skin must be healthy, sustainable, joyful and trendy. So, what we see on the shows is very important to get inspired and just like women-men style, the children must have the same trends for their own world.

In 2019-2020 fall-winter girls’ fabric trends will be shiny and colorful. Coated neoprene, soft jerseys and 90’s vinyl panels will be on board for girls. As we will also see jeans again, but this year outer jean garments will be in pumping colors, matching the spirit of the nostalgic transition rebelling era.

The boys will have dark wash denim, neoprene and color block mash as details. The fabrics have to be tailored in 90’s trends so the whole spirit will be maintained. The styling is very important as the trends need to be on stage.  

The Design Details

Nostalgic 90’s was a different transition period. The spirit was rebellious with the hair, the style and the manners. This transition trend will now be available for 2019-2020 season. Even for the children, the looks and the design details will need to have that spirit. Stripes on the pants, colorful off-signal stripes, layered ruffles with big dots will be ready for girls. Mismatched plaids, patched denims and off kilter buttons will be waiting for the boys.

The textiles will have graphical patterns and lively color splashes with huge drawings. Small talk writings on the t-shirts and sweatshirts will be playful. The children all will like to wear these both to school and to play times.


The accessories are key elements for fashion style. They unite themselves to the combinations and move them upwards. They reflect their own style to the trendy outfits and make a unity for the lifestyle outfit.

The shoes of the season are the colorful boots and freaky sneakers. They can match any outfit for any occasion. The bags are the needed accessories of the season. They are useful for the school and for the spare times. Of course, they must be trendy too. And especially for the boys, the hats are must-have garment of the season. Even the girls love to have colorful speaking hats for their style. So be ready for the color maximalism with rebellious touches!