Breastfeeding Tips for Your Newborn Baby

Breastfeeding Newborn


There are a lot of breastfeeding articles on the internet. Before you deliver your baby, it will be easier for you to read and maybe do some exercise. You may consult your doctor and you can attend classes in your area. It is so normal that you are nervous about nursing your baby. So here are some crucial tips that can help you have more confidence and experience:

•         Learn about nursing: Read as many info as you can before delivery. Consider attending a breastfeeding class which can teach you how to latch and boost your milk supply.

•         Get a private room: Spend as many hours as possible with your newborn. The more time you stay with your baby, the easier the breastfeedings will be.

•         Breastfeed right after delivery: Babies are born ready to be breastfed. They are really eager to suck during the first two hours after birth with the instinct of sucking reflex. But don’t make it a stress point, if it doesn’t happen right away, just do it as soon as you can.

•         No bottles to satisfy the newborn: In order to have more milk supply in your breasts, you have to breastfeed as much as possible. So do not let the nurses feed the baby with bottles. Explain your preferences to the nurses right away.

•         Find a lactation consultant: Before you leave the hospital, find a lactation consultant. A professional can observe you feeding your baby, make sure you're doing it right and check that your baby is getting enough milk.

When you get home,

•         Find peace and quietness: Settle in a place with comfort and peace. When you get more comfortable breastfeeding, you feel calmer and supply more milk.

•         Make yourself comfortable: Sit in a position that’s really comfortable for you and for your baby. If you’re sitting up, a pillow across your lap helps raise the baby to a comfortable height to your breast. Make sure your legs are free too.

•         Drink more liquid than ever: Have a cool drink — milk, juice or water — by your side to replenish fluids as you feed. That will make your milk supply go up.

•         Practice: Your milk supply is made up of your baby’s hunger needs in the first few days of their life, and those needs are minimal and usually easily filled by colostrum. That will be a chance to practice your technique.

•         Switch breasts: Start each feeding on the breast that baby didn’t nurse on at the last time. As a tip, you can put a nursing pad into the bra cup on the side that you didn’t nurse the last time.

•         Do not stop: You might be tired to breastfeed very often, but please do resist for the first week weeks. Milk production is influenced by the frequency, intensity and duration of sucking. If you cut down on milk demand by reducing  breastfeeding times or letting baby sleep very long between feedings can quickly drop down your milk supply.