Age 0-16 Socks, Underwear and Pajamas



Children's clothing textile, one of the most important categories of the textile sector, is undergoing significant changes in recent years. The target consumers are the children, with parents making the choices. Healthy production is the crucial point here. Today both the brands and consumers are now much more conscious. The socks-underwear-pajama sector is working much more rigorously. Healthy and safe production of these products that directly touch the skin of children should be made more carefully.

Different models and colors for girls and boys produced for 0-16 ages, are designed in a completely different style. Tale and film heroes, especially used in socks and pajamas, are much more effective in sales. Princesses and imagination heroes for girls, super heroes or cute animals for boys are much preferred for the children textile. The same patterns are produced in pajamas as a team-styel  and are especially preferred for gift.

Turkey 0-16 ages children's socks, underwear and pajamas sector should be reliable in terms of fabrics and yarns. The fact that the products that should be made with 95% cotton fabrics are also important for brands. In order to ensure a healthy and peaceful time for children everywhere, the products must be designed and manufactured in a way that is suitable for use both at home and outdoors, to adapt to their mobility. Different designs for different age groups are absolutely necessary because the tastes and preferences of children change at every age and therefore all designs are updated again by the brands every season.

In the 0-16 age range, the products that will be used especially for newborns should be produced with purity and with the baby's skin in mind. Healthy and safe snap fasteners should be used with the fact that the zipper is not used in this age group and the buttons will be dangerous. Colors and patterns are used in pastel tones and fabrics that are not worn easily due to too much washing.

Turkey 0-16 age range socks, underwear and pajamas are also being exported because of their  excellence in production. The Turkish brands, which are popular in Middle Eas and European countries, represent the country with success as in the case of children's products.