8 Joyful Nursery Decorating Ideas for Newborn Babies


8 Joyful Nursery decorating ideas for Newborn Babies

From newborn babies to energy-full toddlers, you can have different rooms for your kids where they will grow as they enjoy themselves.

Looking for newborn baby room decorating ideas? Here you are in the right place. That will be the one room in the house where you can feel comfortable and safe and enjoy yourself with your little one. A baby’s room is not only a place to sleep, as it is a soft and safe place that will make your newcomer comfortable.

You can have months or weeks until your new baby arrives, but you have to think every detail and every need before you go to the hospital.

From wallpaper design to nursery furniture ideas, there are plenty of nursery decorating tips suitable for every budget. And when your little one gets a bit older, you can easily transfer the room into a kid’s room.

1. Add hanger rails to organise basic outfits

Any new mum knows that it is never easy to get a new born baby ready for outside. Anything can happen anytime. So you have to be very ready for any occasion. You can have hanger rails on the wall where you change your baby’s clothes or nappies. They will not fall around, or clutter under your hand. You can easily reach them and even hang the dirty ones so that you can take them later.

2. Get a comfy chair and a cozy blanket

First of all we know that new moms will be spending long and long hours in the newborn baby’s rooms. Sleepless nights or breastfeeding or even singing lullabies next to your little fairy will make you tired. So have a comfy chair with a cozy blanket in your baby’s room. Choose a comfy large arm chair that you would be happy to rest and you will be thankful.

3. Paint a colourful wall

It’s always the most calming color vibes that parents choose for the new baby's rooms. However, don’t be afraid of the bright colours, use them on one of the walls to make a focus point that even your little one will be happy to see. You can stimulate your baby’s senses with bright painted walls in primary colours – red, yellow and blue. You can also create a focus wall with brightly coloured wallpaper.

4. Create plenty of storage

Babies come with lots of small detail things like nappies, wipes, lots of outfits, toys and many others. You have to keep everything in its own place with plenty of built-in storage in your newborn’s room. Wide drawers are perfect for storing your supply of nappies and cotton wool pads, wipes. However, be careful about using drawers because your fingers can get caught when in a hurry, instead you can consider to have a fabric box slotted into a shelf. That will be safer than a drawer.

5. Choose basic items

Be sure that you choose very basic items for furniture in your newborn baby’s room. A bed, a wardrobe and plenty of storage will be enough for the new baby at the beginning. Later on you can choose other items as you need them. Also choose neutral colors for the furniture because they go with any other thing. You can still keep some of them as your baby grows up and becomes a sweet toddler.

6. Use stickers on the wall

Wall stickers are a cheap and easy way to lighten a baby’s room. There are hundreds of designs available, from Disney characters to cars and animals, even fairies to Barbies. All of which can be easily applied to any wall without any problem. Why not create an interactive wall map? Perfect as your child grows and learns

7. Put shelves on the walls

You can put shelves on the walls and you can use them for any idea you like. You can display books, teddies or dolls on a set of shelves lined up horizontally on one of the walls. That is a great way of keeping toys or books off the floor, yet still to hand when your child wants to get one to play. Be sure to clean them as often as you can.

8. Play with patterns

If you want to add interest to your baby’s room, but want to avoid a strong theme for the first years,  you can choose a calm toning colour with shades of the same colour. Here you can also choose neutral color furniture to make this look go further.


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