4 Natural Materials for Kids’ Rooms


4 Natural Materials for Kids’ Rooms

It doesn’t matter if you design a trendy room for a new born baby or you redecorate an existing room for a boy or for a girl, it is always fun and full of exciting colorful ideas both for a boy or for a girl. You can suddenly find yourself in a jungle full of friendly animals or in a never ending colorful fairy tale. The never ending design ideas never cease and you can never stop yourself for further more.

You have to use healthy, sustainable and safe materials for kids’ rooms anyway. From deciding on the wall paint, to preparing the new furniture this rule has to be kept in mind. The children of 21st century are very lucky, as we can find a lot of healthy materials as to be used for accessory for kids. Here is a list for some of the organic materials that you can safely use in decoration ideas:

1.    Ceramic: Ceramic accessories are really up to date this year. You can find hand-made original items with no paint on if you like. Ceramic is healthy, clean and these accessories match any style that you like to create in a kid’s room. You can ask for plain designs, or ask for paint that will match your design ideas.

2.    Cotton: Even if the baby is new born you can always count on cotton. It is fresh, healthy, can be washed easily and kept clean as always. You can choose toys or wall accessories, pillows anything you want. You can have colorful ones for a calm room. You can go for all clothes as cotton.

3.    Felt: Felt is very popular for the last few years. It can be washed anytime and the fabric is very organic. You can find toys, room textile or wall hangings. You can even find outfits in felt. It is usually hand made so be brave to ask for these kind of material.

4.    Wood: For furniture, we are keen on wood but what about accessories? Yes for the last 3 years, we have a huge number of fans of wooden accessories for kids rooms. They are healthy, easy to clean, kept for years and it is sustainable but modern also. They match any kind of room design and available for all budgets. They are especially good for new born baby rooms. You can also design one and ask he makers to make this design for you.

All these materials can be found in nature and they are also found qualified in modern stores but especially go for small local shops all around your city and even on social media. Because they are not using machine, the accessories are all different from each other and maybe only one item is made. The consciousness is the core idea of these unique materials. The healthy life style choices of the modern world leads us to wood. While you keep your little ones healthy and safe, away from chemicals, you also save the planet as well. That is real sustainability.

The core values of these healthy materials lie in safety, high quality and timeless design. You can keep them for the other children of the family. So they are also a way of investment. As minimalism is rising, these accessories also keep rising in demand more and more each year. The highest quality materials and matching color palettes, the accessories for kids’ rooms create outstanding looks  and pieces that follow the latest trends and appeal to mothers who seek the best for their children. While keeping our little ones healthy and safe, we also make them live away from chemicals that make them sick. We also protect our world with this logic. Isn't that a real planning method for sustainability? And kids, enjoy your rooms with natural and safe materials.