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Shoes for Kids

Healthy Shoes for Healthy Kids’ Feet

If you want your child to have healthy feet when he/she puts their first steps, you have to choose healthy shoes suitable for their little feet. Everything you do will be the investment for the...
cbme CJF

CBME Turkey at Child and Junior Fashion!

Our CBME Turkey team met 12.000 visitors and 330 exhibitors from all around the world at Child and Junior Fashion between 25-28 September 2018, in Moscow, Russia!
Safety in a Car

Importance of Child Safety in Car

The most important issue in a car travel is the child safety and comfort at the back seat for sure. First of all, to ensure that your child is safe, you have to know the details of child security in...
Breastfeeding Mother Baby Daughter

Breastfeeding Week

1-7 October Breastfeeding Week Every year, countries around the world have one week of announcing Breastfeeding Week for a very good reason: breastfeeding is one of the most effective ways to provide...
Colours Through Age Development for Children

Colours Through Age Development for Children

Colours that affect us in all stages of life, change in time. That creates our colour preferences at different ages. Children have colour likes and dislikes according to their individual character...
CBME at Kind Jugend

CBME Turkey at Kind + Jugend!

Hatice Dinçer, the Brand Director and Aslı Altınok Erdal the Marketing Manager of CBME Turkey | İstanbul Kids Fashion will be at Kind + Jugend, Germany between 20-23 September!
Breastfeeding Newborn

Breastfeeding Tips for Your Newborn Baby

There are a lot of breastfeeding articles on the internet. Before you deliver your baby, it will be easier for you to read and maybe do some exercise. You may consult your doctor and you can attend...
CBME at Children's Fashion Fair

İstanbul Kids Fashion, CBME Turkey at Children's Fashion Fair

Meet our İstanbull Kids Fashion, CBME Turkey team in Kiev, Ukraine at Children's Fashion Fair between September 11-13, in Hall 2 C.126!
Hospital Bag Delivery Baby

What to Pack in a Hospital Bag for Delivery for Baby

A hospital bag for delivery for a baby is always a rush time. Mothers need a lot of things and they are always very stressed and excited. So it will be very helpful for them to have a checklist and...
Wooden Toys Healty Kids

Wooden Toys for Healthy Kids

Wooden toys have gained great importance in recent years for families who want to make the most healthy choices for their children. Many parents who are suspicious of plastic toys and want to get rid...
Travel with your baby

Are You Ready To Travel With Your Baby?

Travelling with a baby can be compelling for many new parents. The list never ends with the items to be collected, the right holiday destination, the trip to the holiday, medicines for possible...

How to Organize A Kid’s Closet

A tidy, well designed closet for your little child will save your life anytime you have to dress him/her. Just think with a few fairy touch, how easy it will be to win the dress-up battle in the...