Meet with CBME Türkiye Connect: A brand new platform that we create for you to experience the fair more efficiently!


With CBME Türkiye Connect Platform, you can learn more about the exhibitors that have the booths you visit and expand your portfolio. Don't forget to read the details about the use of platform below!

When you completed your visitor registration, we sent you your badge in the registration confirmation e-mail sent to your e-mail address.
(Related mail subject: Your visitor badge is ready-don’t forget to print!)

In the same e-mail, you will find the link to the CBME Türkiye Connect platform.


After logging into the Connect platform, click on the QR scanning button  to scan the QR codes of the exhibitor brands.


You can find their QR codes on their booths, they will place it.


Don't forget that you have to do these on your mobile phone at the fair area.


The information of the companies you have scanned from your mobile device will appear on your "Leads" page. So you can view the companies later, and you can get more detailed information about the companies through the information they upload to the platform.


Similarly, exhibitors will be able to access more information about you by scanning the QR code on your badge!