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Trend Newsletter Digital Hub Special Edition #2

Greetings from İstanbul! 

CBME Turkey has established itself as the industry's most trusted and ideal sourcing place in the region where kids products buyers and suppliers meet to do business together.

With our 30 years of industrial experience and resources, we innovatively created an online marketplace as we called "SS21 Digital Hub" to have the buyers explore more new kids products without the limitations of time, region and space. Thus, we are more excited than ever to share our second special edition of the SS21 Digital Hub campaign, the tenth "Trend Newsletter" with you.

Hope you will enjoy reading the SS21 trends and the news from our featured brands. To take advantage of the platform, log in to the system here, contact our exhibitor brands and start sourcing SS21 kids products today!



While socially distant catwalk experiences and digital events continue in the field of fashion, what is especially fascinating about the Spring Summer season is the vivid colours that want to distance and cheer us away from this social-distant life for a moment!

Meet Tiger Tangerine, a tone of orange that plays into a crimson flame as if reborn from its ashes, yet updated in accordance with the present and refers to the digital world!

Tiger Tangerine, which has actually been around for several seasons, makes a notable appearance for the Spring/Summer season. This colour, which will show itself boldly in outerwear, is also preparing to increase your energy in sports and children's wear. It is also possible to see this vibrant colour in swimsuits  this

Pantone: 1585 C      Source: bettalookfashion



Mogi has been operating in the Children's clothing industry in Turkey for over 50 years. With its visionary progressive line, it closely follows children's fashion and renews its collection every season and offers its products to its customers.

The product categories that the company produces are as follows; Children's evening dresses, graduation dresses, children's wedding dresses, children's suits, coats, shoes and accessories.



Kent of Kids founded in İzmir, Turkey in 1995. Since then, a company serving kindly to all their customers both in Turkey and all around the world with their brand name Kent of Kids with the accuracy in their business they always aim to give the best service to their customers, to offer the best quality kids-wear products in the most economic terms and gains customer satisfaction. That's why they always prefer expert staff while they produce kids and youth wear.

Kent of Kids is one of the leading companies in Turkey in especially 0-16 age evening dresses and boys ceremony suits. For long years, the company has been serving domestic and also international customers in both wholesalers and retail stores.



In Shutterstock's Annual Color Trends report, based on downloaded images and by looking at the HEX code data of each pixel in the images, 3 colors that are predicted to be effective all over the world in 2021 were determined: Set Sail Champagne, Fortuna Gold and Tidewater Green.

1. Set Sail Champagne (# FAEBD7): Is your personal getaway ship ready to sail? While we all want to send ourselves somewhere after a whole year of confusion and changes, Set Sail Champagne offers you an escape experience with its soft, organic and empty canvas feel. Set Sail Champagne, a natural tone that can be used in any scheme, especially in earth-toned color palettes containing browns, grizzly and greens, is also extremely suitable for combining with other colors on our list.

2. Fortuna Gold (# DAA520): Fortuna Gold, named after the Roman Goddess of Good Luck and this warm, deep gold is her color, representing chance happenings and happy coincidence.

Like the dappled sunshine in the "golden hours" and autumn leaves covering the city streets, you can find this graceful yellow in life's short, glowing moments of happiness and destiny. You can use Fortuna Gold in your designs by combining shades of blue for a high-profile palette, Set Sail Champagne for a gentle palette, or jewel tones such as amethyst purple and turquoise green for a stunning palette.

3. Tidewater Green (# 2F4F4F): Tidewater Green, a color that refers to the rising of the sun, the change of seasons, the rotation of the earth on its axis, and the ocean tides; In addition to its dynamic structure, it shows itself in both yellow and blue tones. Resembling a large forest canopy and a dark body of water at the same time, the base of this color is turquoise, making it a gray blue-green hue. Tidewater Green, with roots in both the blue and green spectrum; It has many different complements such as red-orange, lavender, and sage.

Source: Shutterstock



In the 2021 Spring-Summer season, classic motifs and trends are revived with the combination of refined vintage aesthetics and cultural heritage influences!

1. Floral Blur: While feminine flowers are updated with soft and blurry filters, renewed vintage flowers add a digital approach to summer fabrics.

2. Digital Skins: Animal prints are updated with less distinctive animal motifs and skin-like textures and patterns. They are updated with digital and pixellated artworks as well as new color combinations.

3 Tie Dye: The Tie Dye trend, which was effective in the fabrics of the last season, will continue to be effective this season with the addition of stripe formations and pinstripes.

Heaven: Exotic botanicals and Eastern flora combine with tropical color combinations inspired by the resort areas.

5. Retro Bloom: References of the 60s and 70s are emerging and bringing back old editions. Retro themes, slogan prints and graphic T-shirts are reintroducing the commercial market.



While consumer behaviour is changing rapidly in the current era and consumers are shopping online more than ever before, many brands are working harder than ever to keep up with the unpredictable change in demand.   

According to the report prepared by Think With Google by  analyzing thousands of search trends in retail areas of 23 countries in line with these developments, 5 important consumer trends that are expected to continue in 2021 and the following years are as follows:

1. Consumers take the act of storefront browsing to the internet environment: Although it is believed that consumers will again spend most of their spending in these stores when physical stores are permanently reopened after the pandemic, consumers will continue to shop around on the internet, and the multitude of alternatives here will make it easier for them to change their brand preferences. All retailers, large or small, must offer online shopping in order to maintain their presence. 

Ensure that your brand exists on the internet so that the product or service that comes to mind first is yours when your customers browse the internet.

2. Consumers pay attention to who they will shop from: Over the past year, consumers have turned to “near me” searches to find the closest business for their convenience and to support local businesses hit hardest by the pandemic. As consumers pay more and more attention to where they shop from, they also consciously decide whom to support. For example; Searches such as "black-owned" or "sustainable business" are on the rise. To gain consumers' confidence in their ethical stance, brands need to convincingly adopt social and environmental issues to their daily work.

3. Consumers now expect better opportunities:  Due to economic uncertainty, many consumers are looking for an opportunity or promotion when shopping. The increase in searches of consumers like “seller name + discount” after reviewing products on the internet is remarkable. For consumers who can easily compare prices on the internet, the discount has now become an expectation.

To cope with this situation, you can offer opportunities to facilitate the customers' decision-making process. For example; even if you do not give discounts on your products, you can take advantage of the deep-rooted behavioural tendencies we call "the power of free" and send small gifts to your customers with the products they purchase or attract the attention of your customers by offering free shipping.

4. Consumers expect comprehensive delivery options for each product:  At the end of 2020, while there was an increase of over 50% in "delivery" searches in the food and grocery shopping category, consumers now expect the same delivery services for niche categories such as gifts or hobby products. The change in the demands of their customers in this way pushes the brands to adapt to new needs. For example; restaurants now sell DIY dining sets to their customers, or lifestyle brands produce personalized gift boxes. These are mainly based on a combination of delivery and contactless delivery options.

In order to respond to these changing demands of your customers, you can offer solutions such as next-day delivery, delivery at certain time intervals, or easy pick-up for returns.

5. The dynamism in consumer demand will continue:  While uncertainties stemming from the pandemic continue all over the world, consumer behaviour will continue to be equally uncertain. For example; In early 2020, searches for "toilet paper" showed a sudden rise and then fell, with companies starting to work from home, "home wear products" surpassed all other clothing products and still remain in trends. Brands also need to keep up with these changing demands. It is predicted that these new consumer needs will continue in 2021, although the demands may change over time and leave new ones instead of deep-rooted habits.

You should follow the trends in order to behave in accordance with the demands of your customers and keep up with the changes. You can also prepare yourself for short-term, rapid changes in demand by using automation tools.

Source: www.thinkwithgoogle.com



Since March 2020, when the coronavirus epidemic hit the whole world and we started not to leave homes, there has been a significant increase in the use of many social platforms, such as social media sites and platforms like YouTube where user-based content is broadcast. According to the Global Web Index, 40% of users aged 16-64 worldwide spend more time on social media than ever before.

According to, We Are Social's 2021 report, the number of internet users in Turkey has increased to 65.80 million by 6%. The number of social media users increased by 11% with 60 million. With this data, the number of social media users in Turkey is equal to 70.8% of Turkey’s total population. Users spend an average of 2 hours and 57 minutes a day on social media.

During this period of uncertainty, when issues such as Pandemic, politics, human rights, etc. are constantly on the agenda, people's moods are also reflected in their comments and behaviour on the internet.

So, how can you avoid these negative approaches to social media?

1.  Try not to impose your own point of view, but to adapt to your audience:  In 2020, brands attracted attention not only with their products but also with their reactions to social events. Companies that have remained silent, especially about human rights or political debates, have begun to lose followers on social media and take negative turns, while users in the audience have expressed that they are no longer able to connect with these brands. To survive in this new era, your brand must support an approach. Otherwise, you may run into the danger of losing even your loyal customer base. The approach you will support, of course, should not be a completely different approach from your brand. By adhering to your content strategy and brand values, you can include diversity in content and advertising types, ensure that your brand is loved and that your message reaches its goal without comments that will damage your reputation. At the same time, to avoid narratives that are likely to cause controversy, you can focus on platforms where the conversation is personalized, which leads your audience to more exploration.

2. Pay attention to the cultural environment: Before sharing on your social media accounts, be sure to evaluate what is on the agenda and whether the content you will share is the right content for that day. You should also consider your message in terms of cultural sensitivity, brand positioning, and brand safety. In addition, you can draw attention to your social media content and ads by checking your audience's interest, perhaps even creating opportunities where your brand can add value to the community.

3. Always have a backup plan: Be prepared to do crisis management based on the reactions to your content, especially in times of uncertainty. How you proceed according to the negative comments on your content is of course primarily related to the comfort level of your brand on this issue, but Digitas' suggestion is to distract users with a new creative or content when 20% of the comments are irrelevant or negative. Afterwards, it is extremely important to control the content that leads to such negative comments in order to prevent such situations from happening again in the future.

Source: www.thinkwithgoogle.com



Meet kids fashion designers from Turkey!

The second guest to our new interview series is Ayşe Ebru Kurtbağı. In this interview of 10 questions, the designer shared useful tips for beginners in the industry. 

1. Could you tell us about yourself first, please?

I was born in 1984 in Adana and studied fashion design in high school and college. Currently, I work as a specialist kids fashion designer in the textile accessories department for kids is a leading company...



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