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Trend Newsletter New Year Special Edition

Dear Readers; 

A year full of challenges is coming to an end. In a few days the new year will come, a different new years eve from the other ones, in a year that changed our way of living, of doing business, of meeting, of travelling, of interacting…

Let’s remember what we managed to achieve in 2020, and let’s look forward a fresh 2021 that, we hope, will bring all that you desire, both in life and in business.

With those wishes, we prepared the last and not least "Trend Newsletter" of the year as the "New Year Special" edition that you might enjoy reading while saying goodbye to 2020.

Time to unwind and connect with families and friend's (Virtually in most cases). Welcome 2021; be thankful and hope 2021 will bring you all happiness and success. Stay Safe and Healthy... See you in 2021... A happy and bright new year to everyone!



The Key colours of Autumn-Winter 21/22 have been released in collaboration with WGSN and Coloro!

For this period of change and unpredictability, where colours are more important than ever in design, tones that have a strong presence and appeal to various moods were chosen.

Electric Magenta, one of the key colours of Autumn-Winter 21/22, adds an unrealistic interpretation to berry tones as if they were created on a computer. Although it may seem like an unusual shade for the Autumn-Winter period, the fact that Electric Magenta is only a few shades away from the more classic red and burgundy tones makes it unexpectedly associated with the season.

Electric Magenta, which is predicted to be at the forefront especially in women's party wear, jersey, knitwear and sportswear, will also appear in beauty products.

It seems that it will have a strong effect on printed and graphic products in men's clothing too.

Coloro:  001-35-31    Source: www.wgsn.com

- THE TREND NEWS OF 2020  - #1


The article published in July by Alistair Rennie and Jonny Protheroe, who works on Google's consumer analysis team, describing their latest research on customers' decision-making processes, was the most read article on Think with Google. According to the article, consumers seek information about products and brands in one category and then throw "weight" on all options. This assignment brings the mind modes of “discovery”, which is an expansionist activity, and “evaluation”, which is a reductionist activity, into balance. Every action that consumers make in resources such as search engines, social media, and comment sites is classified in one of these two modes of mind, so going back and forth in the cycle between these two modes affects consumers' purchasing decisions.

The 6 most important weighting factors that affect the purchasing decision are listed as follows:

1. Category Finders: Description areas with important characteristics of the product can make purchasing decisions simple.

2. The Power of Now: The longer the expected time for the product to be purchased, the lower the power of the offer to be given by the consumer.

3. Social Proof: The suggestions and comments of other consumers have a big impact on the purchase.

4. Weighting of Scarcity: As the stock amount of products decreases and becomes difficult to find, the demand for that product increases.

5. Authorized Weighting: The recommendation of an expert or a reliable source increases the probability of purchase.

6. The Power of Free: A gift given with the purchased product, even if it seems unrelated, can be a powerful source of motivation for the purchase.

Source: ww.thinkwithgoogle.com

- THE TREND NEWS OF 2020  - #2



Like every year, JPMA chose the most innovative baby products of the year. We have compiled 14 products rated by the leading experts of Romper, Good Housekeeping, Parents Magazine, What to Expect, Safe Kids World for you. 

Click - Hand Free Baby Door (Fisher-Price): Click, the first electronic, self-locking and hands-free baby gate offer an easy release mechanism that allows adults to pass hands-free while keeping the baby safe.

Bökee: The Bökee is an innovative feeding accessory that allows parents to prepare the bottle or sippy cup completely one-handed, the first of its kind for pumping mothers to transfer breast milk from the storage bag to the bottle without any risk of spilling.

Sirona S (CYBEX): The new Sirona S of CYBEX, the first convertible car seat in the USA with an innovative 360 ​​° swivel, making the transition between rear-facing and front-facing positions quicker and easier than ever before, eliminating the need for reinstallation. The Sirona S also features SensorSafe™ technology that syncs with parents' smartphones to provide alerts when a child is left unattended or the ambient temperature around the child becomes too hot or too cold.

It also has an integrated Linear Side Impact Protection System that reduces the force applied to the seat by approximately 25 per cent in side-impact collisions.

Sprout Ware® - Straw Cup made from Plants  (Green Sprouts®): Sprout Ware, a 100% plant-based material that replaces petroleum plastics to prevent harmful chemicals such as plant plastic, PVC and additives to hormone-disrupting BPA, BPS, BPF, BFDGE, NOGE or BADGE. It supports healthy oral development with a soft, silicone, non-drip straw. The removable straw allows the baby to adapt to tilted or traditional drinking straw options as they transition from bottles.

Lumalou Bedtime Routine System (Fisher-Price): The Lumalou Bedtime Routine System is a revolutionary, all-in-one solution that improves sleep time from start to finish. The Smart Connect application provides customizability and flexibility to meet the needs of every family. The product offers motivating music and light games with each task completed while guiding children through their daily routine.

The First Years Super Pooper Plus Potty: The First Years Super Pooper Plus Potty helps potty training toddlers sit in the correct position. It features flush buttons that produce realistic cheering sounds to help encourage the child. The First Years Super Pooper Plus Potty helps the child for a smooth transition from the potty to the adult toilet. 

Stay Clean Humidifier (Safety 1st): Safety 1st Stay Clean Humidifier, the only bacteria-killing and anti-mould air humidifier with patented LED technology on the market. It kills bacteria at a rate of 99.99% and prevents mould growth. Suitable for continuous use around humans, pets and plants.

Bebefit Light Folding Hip Seat (MONIT America Inc.): Bebefit Light, a compact, independent and easily foldable hip seat waistband, is made of hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly materials.

Source: www.prnewswire.com

- THE TREND NEWS OF 2020  - #3


15. Holition: Holition's app, called “Face,” which helps retailers and brands embrace and use 3D technology and augmented reality, allows cosmetic brands to see how their products stand on consumers without using any real products.

14. Intelistyle: Intelistyle allows users to browse the clothes online and try these products by synchronizing them with their own images. At the same time, the artificial intelligence used by the brand offers the best clothing recommendations for users.

13. SnapTech: SnapTech, which started as a shopping platform that enables customers to find new clothes by shape and colour, now offers retailers and fashion magazine publishers special tools that they can add to their websites with its comprehensive visual search service.

12. Pocket High Street: Set out to help small fashion retailers compete with large e-commerce platforms, Pocket High Street has developed an online platform for every customer that allows them to explore small retailers. Thanks to the open platform it offers, small stores from all over the world are able to reach a wider audience globally.

11. Genostyle: Genostyle, aiming to solve the problem of product suggestions by applying machine learning to the shopping process, examined 5 million products and 6500 brands and designed a new classification to categorize 15 different "style genomes".Genostyle can also examine how to optimize customer inventory by examining retailers' inventory and what sells the most.

10. Smartzer: Smartzer, which is a digital video player that allows users to click on videos to find clothing and accessories worn in movies, learn more about them, and ultimately buy online. It also includes big brands such as Barbour, Puma and QVC in its portfolio.

9. Same But Different (Thursday Finest): Providing a new look at personalized fashion products, Same But Different brand allows creating customized designs and patterns in minutes using 3D printers. This initiative is also considered as an important example of how production on demand will change the future of fashion.

8. Thread: Established to help men dress better, the brand allows its users to work with an online stylist. By informing the platform about your fashion preferences and how much money you want to spend on clothes, you can get suggestions from brands suitable for you.

7. Hurr Collective: Hurr Collective, an award-winning fashion platform that uses real-time authentication, geo-tagging, and AI-powered fashion stylists, helps customers securely share their closets and earn money from renting in a more sustainable way.

6. The Fabricant: The Fabricant, a fashion house that aims to direct the fashion industry to the digital clothing industry and adopts the principle of not wasting anything but data, produces photorealistic 3D fashion designs and animations that can be used in digital fashion editing.

5. LoveCrafts: LoveCrafts, which is a startup establishing social markets for the craft industry, plans to use its capital for product development, overseas growth and the launch of LoveCrochet which will be held in the coming months. LoveCrafts is defined as a world designed for producers.

4. Wardrobe of Tomorrow: Wardrobe of Tomorrow, which is a marketplace platform with a large number of curators, specially designed for fashion designers who support sustainability from all over the world. Cruelty-free, vegan, sustainable, ethical, the marketplace holds only designers that care about people, animals and the planet. It also aims to offer a circular business model that allows customers to resell, rent, and swap their garments.

3. Reflaunt: Providing an environment for luxury brands to join the growing second-hand market, Reflaunt aims to reduce environmental damage while increasing participation and revenue. Reflaunt shows heritage brands that it is not too late to get into a circular model, and provides them with the tools to do it.

2. Lyst: Aiming to transform consumers' unique tastes and desire for more choice into a personalized market experience, Lyst brings together over 5 million products from 12,000 brands and retailers, enabling them to search thousands of online fashion stores simultaneously.

1. Depop: Depop, which is a marketplace that originated from a social network and now reaches over 10 million users who want to buy and sell or explore unique fashion, trends and accessories, offers a great experience to see what people like, buy and sell more often.

Source: www.wtvox.com

- THE TREND NEWS OF 2020 - #4


2020 has been a tough year for everyone. As people close to their homes, they were looking for innovations in their lives, while companies struggled to survive by selling remotely. So what did customers exchange the most during this challenging period, we have compiled for you.

With the transition to the remote working model in many companies, the purchasing rates of products such as work desks and work chairs have increased considerably because employees want to create a comfortable working environment in their homes.
As they spent more time at home, consumers who wanted to beautify their living spaces also often bought decoration and home products frequently during this period.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a significant increase in the sale of comfortable products such as home clothes, pyjamas, tracksuits and slippers in both women, men and children.
Cleaning and hygiene products, which have become an indispensable part of our lives, have undergone a major change in March, including disinfectant products 5413 per cent, wet wipes 55 per cent, gloves 286 per cent.

The baby and child products sector, which is a dynamic sector, both preserved its existing vitality and took its place among the most preferred product groups online. Parents often chose to shop online to provide for these needs of babies and children who were constantly having needs to be taken.

Source: www.ideasoft.com.tr

- THE TREND NEWS OF 2021  - #1


A nice meal, gifts, a celebration, and then the New Year's pyjamas that children eagerly wear! Pyjamas are a great opportunity to create a tradition that makes long winter nights even more magical and befits the New Year spirit. Clothing brands also know this, so they all showcase their beautiful pyjama collections one by one. If you are also planning to produce or buy pyjamas that fit the New Year spirit, our list of 7 will be extremely useful to you:

1. Warm but also insulating designs and elastic waistbands are a must for winter pyjamas.

2. Matching designs for mothers, fathers and children are preferred in every period. Some big brands even produce designs for pets that match family members' pyjamas.

3. Plaids, new year hats, deers, gift packs and Santa Claus figures are the patterns that attract the most attention of customers.

4. T-shirts with slogans suitable for the New Year spirit of family unity are the choice of those who want to create a cute atmosphere in the new year.

5. In addition to pyjama sets, it is effective in purchasing woollen dressing gowns, slippers and socks suitable for them.

6. Plaid linens suitable for the spirit of the new year of brands that also sell household products are also loved by customers.

7. The most preferred colours in pyjama and duvet cover products are of course red and green tones worthy of the new year.

Source: www.juniorstyle.net

- THE TREND NEWS OF 2021  - #2


1. Murals: One of the easiest ways to create a big pop of colour or a nice gradient in a children’s room is to put a large picture on the wall. Whether children dream of being an explorer or love the beach or flower patterns, you can contribute to children's dreams and make a difference by producing stickers, wallpapers or digitally printed pictures that can be easily applied from every angle.

2. Multifunctional Areas: While in 2020, children's rooms have turned into entertainment, sleeping and distance education areas, these rooms will be renewed with more functional designs in 2021. Cleverly designed tables that can fit into the smallest spaces and fun workspaces for the children's room will be the choice of parents in 2021.

3. Perfect Pastels: Pastel colours will continue to be a trend in children's rooms in 2021. Pastel colours used on walls or furniture can also be used when producing furniture for both girls and boys, as they are more gender-neutral. For this reason, pastel colours should be in the corner of your mind in 2021!

4. Modern Lighting: While lighting is often ignored in children's rooms, trends will emphasize modern lighting in 2021. LED lights with words, hanging spheres and geometric designs shapes will be preferred.

5. Environmentally Friendly: As everyone thinks about ways to improve the life we ​​live in now, we will also see more recycled products being used in children's room furniture by 2021. By using more recyclable products in your children’s room products, you can attract the attention of parents in the new year and show that you are an environmentally friendly brand.

6. Metals: Metallic accents in gold, silver and copper, which are trending in 2020, will continue to be popular in children's rooms in 2021. Metallic details in products such as pillows, bedding and furniture details will attract a lot of attention.

7. Scandinavian Highlights: Scandinavian-inspired rooms will be preferred in 2021 so that children can release their energy and let their imagination run wild. In this respect, the Scandinavian style tents and natural tones and fabrics in your products will attract parents' attention.

8. Natural Materials: Natural materials such as wood, wool and cotton will continue to grow in popularity in 2021, with an emphasis on the use of less plastic and synthetics in homes. Wooden bed frames, tables or wool bedspreads will be preferred.

9. Space Themes: Colors that create an extraterrestrial mood such as dark blue and grey, and space highlights will become stronger in 2021. This kind of children’s room decoration will be a style frequently sought by families with energetic children.


Source: www.wwd.com

- THE TREND NEWS OF 2021  - #3


Pantone Color Institute, which announces the upcoming year's trend colour in December every year, made a first for 2021 by choosing two colours at once: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating! According to Pantone, these colours symbolize the two ends that the entire world has witnessed in recent months. Illuminating, which is one of the colours chosen with the help of science branches such as psychology, sociology and economics in order to reflect the present time in the best way, represents the hope, happiness and the memories that make us smile in bad times with the soft tone of yellow, while Ultimate Gray, one of the most known shades of grey, may seem like a pessimistic tone but also stands out as a symbol of not giving up, striving and being resilient. At the same time, the selection of these two colours together is described by Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of Pantone: “When the grey clouds are dispersed, we see sunshine.”

Illuminating and Ultimate Gray, which reflect the duality we are in 2020, seem to be frequently encountered in many areas from fashion to decoration in the new year.

Illuminating: PANTONE 13-0647

Ultimate Gray: PANTONE 17-5104



Kids Fashion Photographer Melanee Kate from the USA shares her tips and insights in 9 questions with whom interested in becoming a kids fashion photographer. She recommends steps to plan kids' fashion photoshoot that would contribute to brands and companies’ collections, as well as mentions the cost-benefit balance of photoshoots in the industry and the importance of photoshoots in the marketing of the company, brand, or collection.

1. How did kids fashion photographer Melanee Kate's photography life especially begin?

I’ve always loved the creative arts but in the past, I was intimidated by photography because of the technical aspect. When I was around...

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