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Trend Newsletter May 2020

Dear Readers; 

 As the region's largest international exhibition and platform in the children-baby-maternity sector, we aim to keep serving our community and customers during this challenging period. Therefore we’re working on creating new ways to help you connect and do business. 

Taking into consideration the global values, CBME Turkey aims to contribute to the sustainability of the sector and to guide the shaping of the future of the industry. Within the framework of this fact, CBME Turkey commits to communicate with its distinguished visitor & exhibitor data throughout the year. The first step of this communication is creating a “Trend Newsletter”. 

We are happy to share our first "Trend Newsletter" with you. We will continue to share important industry-related information with you every month. Our aim is to provide your sector-related information in a HUB way and contribute to your business. We hope it can inspire you. 


Quiet Wave is a clinically green tone that is predicted to be long-lasting by the evolving Neo Mint in spring-summer 2021 season, which continues its effect for 2 seasons, and is defined as a technical color that represents mental readiness before starting an exercise.

Color Tone: #73C597 

Source: www.wgsn.com 


This new situation is forcing brands to engage and experiment with immersive technologies. Many company and sector request on how to create virtual clothing, virtual catwalks and virtual showrooms.

This is an opportunity to redefine business models and build a more sustainable, progressive future” for the fashion industry.

Talk during this crisis, which is preventing physical contact between designers and manufacturers, has inevitably turned to digital and virtual fashion. Deeply embedded in this fast-emerging sector is Kerry Murphy, Founder of The Fabricant, a fashion house that only produces digital clothing

In Murphy's view, the current situation has proven how fragile the industry (and our financial system) is. Having worked with a number brands as well as pioneering denim manufacturer Soorty Enterprises (with whom The Fabricant created a Cradle to Cradle-certified digital denim collection), he revealed that “brands are already looking for radical ways of redefining their culture and operations to a more digital mindset.” 

In their latest work for outdoor lifestyle brand Napapijri, The Fabricant created digital clothing samples in place of physical ones, eliminating textile waste and creating stunning online content in the process.

Source: www.forbes.com


Based on data from the 2008 recession, it's likely that the children's market will remain recession-resistant. As consumers struggle through a tough economy, spending on kids is often the last thing to go for both practical and emotional reasons.

The initial market growth directly correlates to the shelter-in-place orders in Europe and North America. With many children being home - schooled, sales in educational materials and books is rising. Based in New York, Workman Publishing has ordered three million reprints of its educational series in March to fill large orders from Amazon and Barnes & Nobles. Scholastic workbooks reported a 70% sales increase in March compared with 2019.

Adaptable apparel and products 

Kidswear report predicted an accelerated rise adaptable apparel for kids. As parents reprioritise household expenses, there will likely be a downturn in the overall spend for apparel, but items that have adaptable constructions – think extended cuffs, snapon/ off details and adjustable lengths – will offer longer wear time and hand-me-down appeal. While price points may be slightly higher than traditional kidswear, the pay-off is that consumers will spend less on future items. For products, space and spend will be key differentiators for parents, and multifunctionality will win marketshare. The Rocky convertible bed can be transformed into a cradle, rocking chair, crib and toddler bed, adjusting to the four life stages of a child. Similarly, the Breeze can be used as a changing table, a bassinet and a playpen. Look to smaller adaptable items such as bottles that change into sippy cups and toys that transition from newborn-to-toddler to gain market share.

Source: www.wgsn.com


In difficult times, try to create opportunities by using your creativity. Businesses that have to close their shops due to the pandemic should consider ways to connect with people at a deeper level. Being able to act according to the needs of the market, including your employees, will make you stand out. For example, a children's store which is shipping their spring orders with a free child-sized masks included in every order, already selling out over than 1,000 pieces.

Source: www.earnshaws.com

  • Adopting a production approach that does not harm the environment, humans and animals
  • Adopting the understanding of conscious consumption of resource, water and energy.
  • Reducing the use of additives and chemicals that harm human healthy.
  • Reducing the use of substances that harm the environment.
  • The use of renewable materials Development of waste reduction and waste disposal methods.
  • The use of natural resources and materials.

Sustainable fashion should be considered not as a trend but as a growing awareness that we need to change design practices and principles, consumption habits, communication and principles and practices in its production. Many world-famous chain brands have capsule collections produced with sustainable consciousness. Zara Join Life, Mango Committed, H&M Conscious collections offer fixtures that will be classic with timeless styles prepared with sustainable fabrics. You can take your place among sustainable brands and meet your customers' demands by including sustainable products in your collections.

Source: www.uib.org.tr

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