Trend Newsletter June 2020

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As the region's largest international exhibition and platform in baby and children products industry, we are delighted to share our second "Trend Newsletter" with you. We hope that you will read this meticulously prepared issue in high spirits.

The June edition starts with a classic; featured color from S/S 21 season. Then, continues with the Spring/Summer print trends, sustainable fashion concept, post-pandemic futuristic design and exhibition preparation strategies in pandemic period, and finally some exciting developments about our CBME Turkey and İstanbul Kids Fashion exhibitions.

We will invariably continue to keep you update about innovations that we think will inspire you in topics that concern the industry closely each edition of our newsletter. You are always welcome to contact us for your comments, ideas, and suggestions in this regard.


"Good Gray" color represents sustainability due to its tone that comes out when all colors of plastic being recycled and melted down together. The return of "grays" to fashion was already heralded with the last season's trend color; "Composite". Coloro: 122-66-02

Pantone: 15-4008 TCX



If you have started new product designs for the 2021 season, you should definitely include patterns with tropical and bright graphics that bring a fun and chaotic vibe in the coming period.  

The vibrant, vivid, flowery patterns that almost resemble the flower children's periods will take place in Spring-Summer fashion in2021. Designers aiming to create a more energetic atmosphere with vivid colors will use every color from pink to lilac, purple to fuchsia with their tones.



In the fashion world, which is among the sectors that pollute the environment the most, many brands have started to take steps towards being more environmentally friendly unsustainable.

While the number of environmentally friendly brands such as Everlane and MiH is increasing, world-famous brands such as Tommy Jeans are also making efforts to produce their products with sustainable understanding.

Sustainable fashion attracts attention not only with recycled products but also with brands that produce vegan products. Pangaia, which makes production with materials such as moss and organic cotton using innovative technologies, is one of the leading vegan brands. Apart from that, the base of the sneakers, which carry Sebastian Kopp's signature, is produced from organic rubber collected from Amazon, while 100% vegan leathers and recyclable materials are used.

It is possible to see examples of such products in luxury brands recently. As an alternative to nylon fabrics made from waste products, recyclable fabric ECONYL; began to be preferred by Gucci, Prada, and Burberry.



Things won't be the same after the world tames COVID-19, and that includes fashion. The spacesuit, which wouldn't look out of place at a Daft Punk concert, has a ventilation system that keeps others safe from viruses, providing some peace of mind when you shoulder to shoulder in crowded bars, venues, and concert halls. Production Club, the Los Angeles-based concert design studio behind the suit, wants the future of concert-going to be considerate to the most vulnerable populations.

The idea of venue-owned personal protective equipment that actually looks cool and fun to wear seemed like the best fix. Production Club didn't want to bog the suit down with so many features that the manufacturing process would be long and strenuous (the studio is now in talks now with possible partners). Rather, the team wanted to ensure a good mix of safety specs and relatively simple tech solutions that could be integrated through the wearer's own smartphone via an app. Production Club went through 15 prior iterations of the suit with varying colors and materials before settling on the final look and feel. It's meant to be loud and cheerful with the neon colors.



You can always turn this period in which exhibitions are being re-dated in order to protect the health and safety of exhibitors, visitors, and employees, into an advantage!

You can review the plans that are important for your brand and update your sales strategy in this period, which can be counted as an additional time to be prepared for the upcoming exhibitions you will take part in. Alternatively, you may call your clients in advance that you expect them to visit your stand at the exhibition, remind them of the exhibition dates and have a talk about your new products, collections, and even take a chance to raise their pre-order. Meanwhile, you can work on a more detailed exhibition preparation plan includes the stand staff, stand design, printed marketing documents, logistics, and even your website and social media accounts.

Since the trade has already gained quite a momentum all over the world again, exhibition participants will be much more important than before.

It should be noted that exhibition preparation is like a long-running, at least a 6 months marathon, not a 4-days 100 m run. In order to attract plenty of visitors to your stand, to take orders from those visitors, and to obtain actual sales during the fair, it is highly essential to think versatile, use both internal and external sources within the framework of a long-term exhibition preparation strategy.



While starting the communication campaign for our December 2021 exhibition full speed, we have also launched new initiatives that both of our exhibitors and visitors will benefit along with our Trend Newsletter. You are more than welcome to reach us for any detailed information about new development listed below

New Date:In line with the significant number of suggestions that came from our exhibitors and visitors, the new date of CBME Turkey has been announced as 08 - 11 December 2021.

Stand Sales Started: As of the second week of June, stand sale for CBME Turkey 2021 has started. You can fill the book a stand form by clicking here to catch the advantage of early-bird opportunities

Our Websites are Live!: The new websites for and are now live! They both are now user-friendly, have new concepts fit the trends of the season and the exhibitors and visitors can access the information they seek more easily than ever!

New Digital Initiatives: CBME Turkey and İstanbul Kids Fashion now bring together exhibitor brands with a database of 100,000 baby and child products professional from 175 different countries, mainly from Middle East, North Africa, Russia-CIS, and Eastern Europe through various of new digital initiatives thought out the year. With those newly launched digital advertising opportunities, manufacturer companies will increase their brand awareness, while our visitors will have the chance to learn more about our exhibitor brands and find the products they are looking for faster.

Brand Book: One of the eagerly anticipated new digital initiatives Brand Book's first issue showcases trendy collections can be viewed by clicking here. Exhibitor brands can take part in the only bilingual "Brand Book" of the sector renewed each month on and which both receive approximately 250.000 views per year, with their brand name, company introduction, product images, website, and social media accounts info.

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