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Trend Newsletter December 2020

Dear Readers; 

As the region's most influential exhibition and platform in the baby and children's products industry, we are delighted to share our seventh "Trend Newsletter" with you. We will continue to keep you update about innovations and trends in the sector in each edition of our newsletter.

The December edition starts with a classic; The Featured Color of the Month than continues with the Trend News of the Month, Sectoral Interview of the Month-a new interview series with professional Kids Fashion Photographers, Trend Blog of the Month and ends with the announcement of CBME Turkey 2021's new dates. We look forward to welcoming you to İstanbul on 08-11 December 2021! 



The use of colors which is a powerful tool to create a connection, evoke emotion and stimulate the senses, will become even more important to help mental and physical health in the Spring-Summer 22 season as consumers focus on health after COVID. What can come to mind that gives you more hope and peace than the deep blue color of a wavy ocean under a sunny sky?

Atlantic Blue, one of the key colors of the new season; invites you to the reliable, versatile, and attractive world of blue!

Deep blue tones, which are currently used by slow fashion brands, seem to be an ideal choice for men's wear, especially in the Spring-Summer 22 season. Reflecting the hues of organic indigo dyes and the ocean, Atlantic Blue makes it perfect for use in sustainable and cultural heritage-themed designs. It will also be a classic core color for women's wear, sportswear, and interiors and will also appear as a directional tone in beauty color cosmetics.

Coloro:  115-35-20    Source: www.wgsn.com

Source: www.elle.com.tr



The concepts of diversity and equality that have been rising in the world in recent times are also affecting fashion in a significant way. Now, fashion is not only a garment that covers our body, it is a tool that enables us to reflect our view of the world and the importance we attach to social issues. However, another emerging trend is Genderless Fashion.

With this trend, distinctions such as "this outfit for women," "this outfit for men" disappear. Consumers' changing shopping habits and approaches to social issues are also pushing the fashion industry towards a major shift..

In previous years, Saint Laurent’s Creative Director Heidi Slimane has designed 'unisex' pieces by reflecting pieces such as leather jackets, skinny jeans, and boots on both genders. Slimane, which redesigned men's clothing pieces for women's products and women's clothing pieces for men, is seen as one of the pioneers of this trend.

Unlimited and genderless clothing choices, which are among the preferences of the young generation, reflect the shopping habits of the Z Generation. Many women shop in the menswear section, combining their own clothing with the opposite gender, women wear suits, men are not afraid of the pink color, brands organize mixed fashion shows…Accordingly, the Genderless Fashion trend is welcomed by all segments and will continue to increase its influence in the coming years.



Facebook's report published in recent months looks at how Generation Z has developed through identity, community, commerce, resilience, and activism, considering how young people are shaping the future. Facebook also examines how brands can meet their high expectations in the report.

Generation Z will mark the consumer journey and therefore represents an important opportunity for all brands. Understanding how this new audience thinks and how they consume will give brands a great advantage.

According to the report, the digital new generation, who has never known a world without the internet or smartphones, is extremely concerned about whether the brands they buy are a brand they can be proud of. According to Kantar's research in the UK in May 2020, the Z generation, which is less price-oriented than its predecessor, is ready to pay higher prices for environmentally friendly products.

At the same time, one of the ways to reach Generation Z is social media. Brands that want to reach new customers can connect with Generation Z by optimizing their digital experiences on social platforms. Many brands, including fitness wear brand Gymshark, for example, are connecting with Generation Z using Instagram Shopping to create impressive showcases.

These brands, which take place in consumer home pages and stories, offer the products that Generation Z wants whenever they want. They gain the admiration and admiration of this new generation. According to the "Meet the Future" survey conducted by YouGov in August, Generation Z's brand perception improves by 42% for those who interact on Instagram.Again, according to YouGov's "Meet The Future" report, 45% of Generation Z sees sustainability more than price. Climate crisis and conscious consumerism are the first issues of today's youth. Brands that tell about how they do their part for the world instead of promotional activities will always be the first choice for Generation Z.

Source: www.thedrum.com



During the pandemic period when the trade is dealing with troubled times, new concepts continue to enter our lives every day. One of them is the Omni Channel, which has been on the agenda of the marketing industry for the last five years.

Basically, Omni Channel, which is the development of the marketing strategy called Multi-Channel, focuses on the customer, not the company or the brand. In light of this strategy, brands ensure that all communication channels work in an integrated manner by empathizing with their own audience and creating messages according to their views and interests. Thus, customers can have a smooth and enjoyable experience. Omni Channel strategy contributes to increasing customer loyalty by targeting customer experience.

Studies show that companies with strong omnichannel strategies are 89 percent better at retaining customers than companies that do not. This means that the annual revenue of brands that are omnichannel in competition increased by 9.5 percent on average.

So how do you create a good Omni-Channel strategy?



1- Create a Seamless Mobile Experience

According to researches, 72% of mobile users attach great importance to the smooth operation of their websites with mobile devices. This situation also increases the possibility of consumers to shop from the same place again. For example, they want to see the product which they add their online shopping basket later on the website in the same way.

2- Provide a Personalized Experience

According to research, 40% of consumers prefer to buy from brands that offer a personal shopping experience. Regarding this, providing the opportunity to register through social applications in mobile memberships and thus accessing details such as date of birth, e-mail, interests, likes will help create a personal experience for brands.

3- Manage Your Data Correctly

As well as collecting user data, it is extremely important to analyze and organize this big data correctly. According to research from Retail Systems Research Institute, 54% of marketers say they have the most difficulty in creating a consistent omnichannel customer experience as the insufficient customer views on a single channel.

4- Always be in Interaction

It is extremely important to make sure that your customers can easily contact you on the channels you have. According to the data of the IAB, 90 percent of consumers recommend and explain the brand to their environment after interacting socially with a brand. Thus, the likelihood of your brand spreading by word of mouth increases and helps you gain customers naturally. 64 percent of Twitter users and 51 percent of Facebook users tend to buy products from brands they follow online. At the same time, award-winning contests and gift systems are seen as an effective way to stay in touch with your customers.

5- Pay Attention to the Integrated Operation of All Channels You Sell

The Omni Channel strategy, which is based on customer experience, plays a critical role in the purchasing process of the customer, with all sales channels working together and creating a seamless experience for the customer. For example, a customer should be able to return a product purchased from your online store at your physical store or buy a product online that they saw in your physical store.

Source: www.marketingturkiye.com.tr



While traditional marketing methods have begun to leave their place to marketing tools integrated into the digital world, technology has developed every day with the rapid growth of the digital world and fundamentally changed the dynamics of all sectors, and this situation has also affected the marketing industry.

The marketing industry, which has entered a digital transformation process, has become stronger every day with social media marketing and the subsequent Influencer marketing. Influencer marketing, which is not as costly as other advertisements and provides access to consumers from where they sit, continues to grow stronger day by day by adding new influencers to its structure.

While technology and marketing create new concepts together, the new marketing trend that we come across now is Virtual Influencer Marketing.

Lil Miquela, one of the first examples of Virtual Influencers, has approximately 2 million followers! This character, which is just a drawing and you do not even have the opportunity to meet her on the street, shares all her moments on her social media account, just like us, and also shares her product experiences with her followers by collaborating with world-famous brands.

Another virtual influencer, Knox Frost, has 1 million followers and was chosen as the new face of the World Health Organization this year. The creators of the character aim to fight fake news and open a direct way of communication to the young audience, which is harder for the World Health Organization to reach.

After Lil Miquela and Knox Frost, many agencies or brands flowed the trend and started to use virtual influencers effectively in their campaigns. The latest example of this came in IKEA Tokyo. IKEA made the promotion of its newly opened store in Tokyo with imma.gram, which previously worked with events and exhibitions around the world. IKEA created a small house concept in its store for imma.gram and combined it with LED screens. Thus, people could see the youthful home furnishing ideas and practical solutions of the virtual influencer live. The aim of IKEA in this campaign was to inspire young people to find their own happiness at home in these days, where more time is spent at home due to the pandemic.

Source: www.forbes.com



Our interview series within the "Sectoral Interviews" section is continued; Meet with Kids Fashion Photographer Melisa Coulier !. Kids Fashion Photographer Melissa Coulier from the USA shares her tips and insights in 11 questions with whom interested in becoming a kids fashion photographer.

She recommends five easy steps to plan kids' fashion photoshoot that would contribute to brands and companies’ collections, as well as mentions the cost-benefit balance of photoshoots in the industry and the importance of photoshoots in the marketing of the company, brand, or collection.

1. When and how did photography enter your life? How did kids fashion photographer life especially begin?



Strategies to increase sales rates are basically based on making consumers constantly want to buy new products. Major retail brands in the world, whose annual revenue reaches billions, adopt different strategies to attract customers and, direct them to sales. Here are the 6 strategy trends that stand out among them:

1. See-Want-Buy: The first of the different strategies are based on attracting customers to the store. This strategy is the "see-want-buy" strategy. The brands display their most expensive clothes at the entrance of their stores...



As a result of current travel restrictions, and after careful consideration we have decided to re-schedule the 39th edition of the International İstanbul Children Baby Maternity Industry Expo – CBME Turkey from its original dates 13-16 January 2021. The event will be rescheduled to take place at İstanbul Fair Center on 08-11 December 2021. After close consultation with the industry and our stakeholders, we feel that we are unable to run an event in January 2021 that meets the very high standards we set ourselves and that you rightly expect. Whilst Informa is already successfully running events around the world, using a set of standards designed to ensure they are safe, we feel strongly that rescheduling to the second half of the year is the right thing to do given the uncertainty over international travel.

We look forward to welcoming you to İstanbul on 08-11 December 2021!

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