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Trend Newsletter New Year Special Edition

Greetings from İstanbul!

In a few days, the new year will come... A different welcoming to the new year for us as we have the euphoria of finally delivering a live event; the 39th International Istanbul Children Baby Maternity Industry Expo with tenacity and commitment to our sector on its new dates  8-11 December 2021. We can confidently declare that the whole sector embraced those new dates as the permanent dates for CBME Turkey, thanks to the dramatically increased satisfaction score both given by our exhibitors and visitors.

Besides delivering a live event, at last, we can safely say that we delivered a significant value to the global baby and children products industry within 2021 by bringing to life a digital event; CBME Turkey Connect, a 3 months online event on a dedicated B2B platform.

We will continue to serve the sector in various ways, such as continuing our "Trend Newsletter" e-bulletin. We prepared the last but not least twelfth "Trend Newsletter" of the year as the "New Year Special" edition which we curated rich content that will give you an enjoyable time while reading it.

We look forward optimistically to what we will accomplish in 2022 and are extremely excited about our event trading next year. But first, it is time to relax and celebrate!

Hopefully, you are all now starting to take some time off to relax, spend time with friends & family and recharge your batteries. Please do enjoy year-end festivities in ways unique to your location, and we wish you and your loved ones a healthy and fun-filled end to the year. 

Best wishes,



"Luscious Red" heralds the return of stimulating and digitised brights.

Red is a powerful colour that can raise the heart rate and tap into themes of desire, passion and empowerment, and this particular hue has a lightness and translucency that also feels immersive and hyper-real, making it perfect for both physical and digital products and experiences.

Embrace the boldness of this red and use it to heighten the senses!

Coloro# 010-46-36 

Pantone# 17-1663 TCX     

 Source: www.wgsn.com



CW Energy, which has developed a project on baby carriages in order to ensure more use of solar energy in daily life, has produced enough electricity to charge two mobile phones 3-4 times a day with mini solar panels mounted on cars. CW Energy generates enough electricity to charge two mobile phones 3 4 times a day with the mini solar panels mounted on the stroller.

Working on solar energy in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone, CW Energy developed a project on baby carriages in order to ensure more use of solar energy in daily life as part of its R&D activities. Electricity was generated by placing a tiny and flexible solar panel on the top of the baby carriages. A small apparatus was placed on the device in order to easily charge mobile phones.  The baby carriage model, which generates electricity from the sun outside and allows charging with a mobile phone and a power bank (portable charger), started to attract attention from companies producing baby carriages in and out of the country.

Source: www.dunya.com



The smart diaper has been introduced, which will detect kidney disorders and urinary tract infections in children. Smart Diaper was produced in collaboration with Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine members. Being the first and only smart diaper in the world, it will be able to be used as a preliminary screening test for the determination of bacterial urinary tract infections. The product aims to prevent unnecessary antibiotic use and prevent advanced complications thanks to its early diagnosis and rapid transition to treatment.

One of the architects of the project is Prof. Dr Zeynep Banu Gungor also stated that the smart diaper will prevent kidney diseases and said: "Smart Diaper is the first innovative diaper in Turkey and even in the world. The diaper is now being used as a pre-screening test in addition to its known function. I have no doubt that Smart Diaper will lead the development of similar medical products in its field, giving a different direction to the diaper sector. Our product, which will inform families about the health status of their babies and plays an important role in preventing the occurrence of advanced kidney damage, will be easily followed up by their families in the natural environment of babies. Thus, it will allow them to contact a medical institution or their doctor without delay. I think that its use will quickly become widespread.”




The Carqon Classic offers comfortable transportation with its safe compartment where children can ride on their own. Micro mobility is becoming the dominant mode of transportation in cities due to the impact of the pandemic. On the other hand, a lot of innovations are also needed for everyone to be involved in this world.

One of the important steps in this sense came from the scooter rental company Bird. The company announced that it will expand its services to provide electric wheelchairs for people with disabilities and 3-wheel scooters for those who have difficulty moving. The Companion Bike dec designed for bicycle enthusiasts whose relatives use wheelchairs was also among the memorable examples for me. Unicorn Scooter, on the other hand, was a different design created by thinking about families with children. 


Carqon Classic offers a safe space for 3 children to travel!

Developed by Carqon, the Carqon Classic is a tool created with the intention of setting a new standard in design, functionality and technology. Instead of being similar to its competitors in design, it has been redeveloped from head to toe. For example, children can quickly and easily get out of the children's compartment on their own. Therefore, parents do not have to remove the child. It has a door with a double safety lock, which guarantees a safe and enjoyable trip. Decqon emphasizes that the car it is selling at prices starting from 4.999 euros is the car with the highest quality and safety among its competitors.




A tracker for printing products with fabric-like materials by taking advantage of the printing defect in 3D printers in the DefeXtiles project developed by the MIT Media Lab.

MIT Media Lab graduate student Jack Forman has created an educational creation of small polymer plastics that produce strands of thin polymers that are likely to cause printers under extrusions.  By obtaining a form, a jar is flexible, flexible and thin possible.

Among the products to be selected in a way 30 short as parts to be selected from a short look sketches displays a skirt, translucent forms, translucent forms.

Due to the widespread use, accessibility, and relatively inexpensiveness of FDM printers, this is expected to be an easy solution for the people to be produced.  It is ensured that it does not need any software or hardware and that sustainable production can be achieved through reuse use.

Source: www.media.mit.edu



With the Covid-19 pandemic changing consumer buying priorities and habits as well as affecting finance, we highlight three key shifts in the market and how they will affect design.

These key trends have been developed with a more thoughtful approach than ever before and this is aligning tightly with the core consumer drivers and recession-proof strategies WGSN has already set in place. Items will offer a versatile range, with an eye towards considered consumption, all with practical features top of mind.

Rise of Craft: The first key driver is around the rise of craft. During the stay home orders across the globe, families were crafting at an unprecedented rate. Google Trends reported a 150% rise in “kids craft ideas” in March alone.

We expect this trend to continue to drive kids’ apparel design, with an eye towards considered craft, authenticity, as well as the celebration of local cultures. This is also a good place to explore upcycling and deadstock materials for a sustainable-driven focus, highlighting key items such as patchwork jeans, crafted puffas, as well as removable-collar dresses.

Elevated Basics: WGSN has already been tracking a wider consumer shift towards buying less but better, which has only been amplified by the current economic and lifestyle conditions. We’ve been tracking the rise of high-quality items with longer-lasting appeal through our #stayhomestyle and #thehomehub hashtags on the Fashion Feed. There’s a strong consumer shift towards comfort-driven purchases with anticipated lasting lifestyle changes. Elevate core bestsellers such as the turtleneck, dungaree, as well as a two-piece set, all
featuring high-quality materials and minimal design features that allow for more extended wear. 

Adaptable Construction: Adaptable construction will become a priority and it has already been picking up momentum in the kidswear space. Consumers will look to items that offer value, but not in the traditional sense, instead of with items that offer multifunctional qualities. For example, adding features to items such as the puffa poncho that can allow it to open up and double as a blanket, or a removable-pocket skirtall, where the pocket can be removed and worn as a purse.




As people are getting more aware and conscious about brands, modern fashion is also getting into trends. In today’s glamorous world, from kids to elderly people, everyone wishes to dress like a celebrity. That’s why today's fashion brands are offering low to high-quality trendy outfits that fit everyone’s budget. This is the reason why people are crazy about following trends. 

If one can look fashionable staying within the budget, why should one try? But what can be done to make babies fashionable? The fashion trends and styles are set by the fashion industries. In the past few years, it has been seen that parents are showing more interest in keeping their children's fashion updated. 

The younger ones are more emphasized and looked upon. To fulfil the fashion needs of these parents, the fashion industries come up with different trends and styles every season. From organic baby clothes to non-organic clothes, you are offered a wide range of products to select from.


However, it is not rocket science to find the best-styled outfits for your kids that will make them stand out of the line. You can visit the retail shops, or scroll down the online stores to find out the best garments for your baby. Here, you can take a look at the top fashion outfits and styles for babies to make them look dazzling and trendy.

Besides fashion and luxe, covid-19 is another reason for a shift in trends. 2020 was an odd year that no one could have prophesied. From staying indoors to working from home, the pandemic has totally stirred our way of living in every view.

When talking about the textile industry, the pitched trends for 2021-22 link back to what we encountered in 2020. From playful prints inspiring kids to get outdoor to a centre on buying small, from going organic to buying hues and colours, fashion trend has shifted from their core.

Fashion experts have foretold that dyed neutrals and minimalist colour codes will be adopted. As parents become more informed of the environmental and health influences of stains, there will be a boom in naturally dyed or undyed fabrics. People will love and welcome organic clothes with stretched arms.

1) Organic Rompers and Jumpsuits

2) Textured Organic Baby Clothing

3) The Unisex Clothing Set

Source: www.rollypolliesorganic.com



Meet PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri, A New Pantone Color Whose Courageous Presence Encourages Personal Inventiveness And Creativity.

Displaying carefree confidence and a daring curiosity that animates our creative spirit, inquisitive and intriguing PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri helps us to embrace this altered landscape of possibilities, opening us up to a new vision as we rewrite our lives. Rekindling gratitude for some of the qualities that blue represents complemented by a new perspective that resonates today, PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri places the future ahead in a new light.

“The Pantone Color of the Year reflects what is taking place in our global culture, expressing what people are looking for that colour can hope to answer,” added Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute. “Creating a new colour for the first time in the history of our Pantone Color of the Year educational colour program reflects the global innovation and transformation taking place. As society continues to recognize colour as a critical form of communication, and a way to express and affect ideas and emotions and engage and connect, the complexity of this new red-violet infused blue hue highlights the expansive possibilities that lay before us”.

Source: www.pantone.com



Serenity takes centre stage in 2022

This year has been spent trying to get over the shock of 2020 for many of us. Trying to keep up with the ceaseless pace of normal life after closing up in houses has undoubtedly tired us all. Therefore, it will not be surprising that the colours that are predicted to mark the year 2022 will also be the colours that evoke the feelings of ‘peace’ and ‘calm’.

Shutterstock has announced that the 2022 palette will include the colours of ‘Calming Coral, Velvet Violet and Pacific Pink’ and has released a video promoting each colour.

Calming Coral: This colour, which has a nostalgic atmosphere, also has a peaceful texture.

Velvet Violet: Decried as the ‘noblest and most elegant’ among the colours included in the 2022 palette, this colour also represents a calm mind.

Pacific Pink: This colour, which is the softest shade of the 2022 colors, is almost like a longing for the memories of the summer that has passed.

Source: www.shutterstock.com



The most talked about topic in the fashion industry lately is “sustainability”. Sustainability, which eclipses all other trends, also supports the use of “second-hand products” along with recycled products. But will we say sustainability in the post-pandemic period? What technological wonders do we expect from the fashion of the future? The answers are in KPMG's research titled “Seeing the Future of Fashion”…

Rising trend sustainability

•Sustainability, which is the number one agenda of the business world, is also on the rise in the fashion industry. Especially on the consumer side, brands that produce with sustainable business models are preferred. 59% of the consumers who participated in the research say that the use of natural fibre/yarn affects their purchasing decisions. The rate of those who decide according to the fair trade and wage policy is 54 percent.

•The rate of those who pay attention to the working conditions of the business is 53 percent. Climate change is next with 49 percent, and the use of chemicals with 42 percent. 70 percent of consumers look at whether they will last for a long time when buying clothes. 56 percent of them decide to be affordable, 35 percent to be sustainable, and 34 percent to be fashionable.

•Sustainable fashion trends; second-hand clothes are divided into categories such as recycled clothes and clothes produced according to sustainable fashion. The most preferred option among these headlines by consumers stands out as sustainable fashion clothes.

Technology is expected from the fashion

•Technology is also on the agenda of the fashion industry. There are intensive studies on digitalization applications in the sector, artificial intelligence technologies, data management that is improved according to the preferences and tastes of the consumer, digitalization of designs, and online sales.

•Despite this, many companies do not see a fully automated, unmanned production process in the near future. Virtual design processes are thought to provide significant savings in both material and time.

Clothes of the future

When consumers are asked what kind of clothes they want to wear in the future thanks to the developing technology;

•Products that heat or cool 61 percent as needed

•46 percent are self-made/self-designed products

•18% of clothes that change color

•Products that analyze sports performance, 17 percent

•15 percent say supportive products in the diagnosis of health problems.



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