CBME Turkiye | 13 - 16 December 2023

Venue | Istanbul Expo Center Hall 1-2-4-8

Visiting Hours | 09.30 - 18.30 (Wednesday-Friday)
                           09.30 - 16.00 (Saturday)                          

Information About the Sector From CBME Turkey Event Director

Dear CBME Turkey & İstanbul Kids Fashion Exhibitor;

The pandemic crisis that started at a time when the world economy was fragile had the hardest recession of our century. While it is upsetting us to take a break from our work, we know that these damages will be repaired with the restart of trade based on our crisis experience. We believe that CBME Turkey and İstanbul Kids Fashion, which is held twice a year in January and June without any interruption for 30 years, is required more than ever and we prepare for it meticulously. Thanks to the support you have provided to our exhibition, we initially thank you for making us the most powerful baby and children products expo of the region.

As the world's largest exhibition organizer, UK-based Informa Markets, we include baby and children products expos such as CBME China, CBME India, CBME Indonesia, and international prestigious "fashion" expos such as Children's Club and Magic in the USA. We translate this portfolio into an ever-increasing quality of visitor database and bring them together with you in CBME Turkey. As Turkey team, we would like you to know that we are here for you with our experience and power for trade to reach an optimum level.

We know that; exhibitions come to life and continue to live with participants and visitors. Therefore, it is important and valuable for us that you participate in CBME Turkey 39. International İstanbul Maternity Baby Children Products and İstanbul Kids Fashion which will be held in İstanbul Expo Center between 8-11 December 2021.

We would like to remind you that we have canceled our expo, which would take place on June 10-13, 2020, right after the pandemic crisis broke out and that we treasure health above all, considering that you may have concerns whether the expo would take place.

We prioritize taking maximum precautions for a safe expo experience for participants, visitors, and employees, and as CBME Turkey, which will be held on 8-11 December 2021, we have developed AllSecure Health and Safety Standards that make us safe against the pandemic. Our measures consisting of three processes; 'Cleaning and Hygiene', 'Physical Distance', and 'Detection and Protection' before and during the expo will make our life easier and protect us at a high level.

We have rolled out many projects that provide visibility all around the year as well as taking safety and hygiene precautions, by concentrating on digital investments to avoid any interruption of communication between you and potential buyers and for your commercial activities not to be limited with the expo alone in a period when the world keeps the distance. 

We stand you out on www.cbmeturkey.com and www.istanbulkidsfashion.com that have 250.000 views annually and make your brand visible at all times with “Brand Book”, which is the only brand book of the industry, in which you can introduce your brand, have new sales opportunities for 365 days without interruption and come together with the database of 100.000 for baby and children products industry from 175 different countries, including MENA, Russia-CIS and Eastern Europe. 

You can easily introduce your products to the most comprehensive data of the industry by taking place in the e-bulletin with your news and visuals on the “Trend Newsletter” in which industrial developments in Turkish and English, delivered individually to the database of CBME Turkey and İstanbul Kids Fashion every month. You can exclusively access baby and children products, buyers, by sharing your brand presentation, product visual, video and catalog by highlighting your company in the "Online Showcase" e-bulletin that is delivered to the same comprehensive database.

You can access the next-generation marketing trend through Social Media Video Advertisement (IG TV) packages on @cbmeturkey and @istanbulkidsfashion Instagram accounts that are actively followed by the domestic and international baby and children products industry professionals.

You can make your brand visible in every area and always be accessible to the subscribers of which number is increasing day by day by taking part in the CBME Turkey mobile application that is prepared in English and Turkish, which keeps the pulse of the industry.

While potential buyers can directly message manufacturers about the products and have information about them and create B2B appointments for exhibition via “Advanced Online Exhibitor List”, of which infrastructure has been completed, on www.cbmeturkey.com and www.istanbulkidsfashion.com which are user-friendly, new official expo web pages that are prepared with concepts, suitable to the seasonal trends and which are easily and quickly accessed by participants and visitors.

Besides, a series of hygiene and safety standards we have developed, we have once again like to emphasize that we stand by the industry with our new digital products that provide 365 days of trade guarantee, and are ready for the post pandemic period as CBME Turkey and İstanbul Kids Fashion, the most powerful international "baby and children products expo" of the region.

See you at İstanbul, the heart of trade, on December 8-11, 2021 at CBME Turkey that leads the way for the industry with domestic and international brands.


Hatice Dinçer

CBME Türkiye & İstanbul Kids Fashion Exhibition Director 

Published date: 12.08.2020