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Exhibitor DirectoryVUUDY KIDS SHOES



VUUDY is a brand produced by Aytan Bebe Ayakkabı, which has a long history in its sector.Aytan Bebe Ayakkabı, which was founded in 1973, is a knowledge,a labor and a craft heritage.This craft heritage specializes only in the production of girls' shoes.This experience is sealed with the health of the feet at the beginning, and also decorated with different and current fashion researchesMost of its production, hand workmanship that has recently been decreased and forgotten;  is maintained with a master-apprentice relation. 

By participating in domestic and international trade fairs, constantly updating its customer and product range; our company  perseveringly demonstrates its success and continuity in addressing girls with numbers 21 to 36 in many countries from Asia to Africa, from North America to Europe.

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